Created:Aug 30, 2003
Updated:May 06, 2004
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The photograph of a trip (The hot spring in Japan)

Keep in mind when opening a picture (wallpaper size), are heavy.

Jinata Onsen shikinejima
Shikinejima is a small island in about four Tokyo Disneyland.
I regard this small island blessed with nature or the hot spring as my having a man in the world see, and introduce it.
Ooura seashore

Mt.Mihara hot spring Oshima
I have been to Oshima in April, 2004.
I introduce the full particulars of the instantly biggest island in Izu Islands.
Iso ramen noodles

Kozushima Onsen update Izu Shoto(Islands)
Some hot springs are located in Izu Islands besides 'shikinejima'.
Here, those hot springs are introduced.
Pleasant toilet

Hill of Boil Fountain Yumata onsen(Hot spring)
Yumata-onsen is a natural hot spring in Omachi-shi, Nagano.

Handmade open-air bath

Haccyo-no-yu Okukinu onsen(Hot spring)
Okukinu-onsen is a hot spring in the upstream in Kinugawa which flows Tochigi Prefecture


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